Magazine Viewer Help

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The Hort Journal magazine viewer allows the lastest issue of Hort Journal Australia to be viewed online each month, as well as back issues from previous months. Each issue is available in a medium and high resolution image format. Advertisments in the magazine are linked to the advertisers website (or email address in the case where an advertiser does not have a website). Simply click on the advertisment and the website will open in a new seperate window, to allow you to continue viewing Hort Journal Australia.

Advertisments displayed in the magazine are linked to the companies website

To use the Hort Journal magazine viewer, use the toolbar provided at the top and bottom of the page. This toolbar allows you to navigate through the magazine, and zoom in and out on pages.

The magazine viewer toolbar

A brief description of the function of each button:

Previous PageReturns back one page in the magazine
Cover PageReturns to the cover page of the magazine
Next PageGoes forward one page in the magazine
Zoom InZooms in on the current page to the larger size
Zoom OutZooms out on the current page to the normal size
Jump To PageJumps to the page number indicted to the left of the button. Enter desired page number and click this button to jump straight to that page